Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 65 - Lunchables for Grownups

Apple, ham, celery, wheat crackers, walnuts, cheese cubes (clockwise from top left)

I went to a wedding and a fall festival this weekend, which was all super fun and super exhausting.  When I got home Sunday night, I had just enough energy to order a pizza and eat too much of it once it arrived.  So, this morning, I had to think of something quick out of my fridge staples.  And (drumroll please) the grownup Lunchable was born.

Y'all remember Lunchables, right?  They were super cool when I was a kid but full of processed nitrates and carcinogens and sin, I'm sure.

 Anyway, this lunch was similar, but made out of  my organic stuff from home.  So we had some ham slices (cut with a biscuit cutter), cheese cubes, celery, crackers, walnuts, and an apple.  Honestly, it was pretty good!  Kinda fun to assemble it all at lunch, and easy to make in the morning.  Don't know that I'll be having these every day, but worth the minimal effort.

For those of you have kids, this might be a great alternative to Lunchables or other processed lunches. Pin It Now!

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